We are excited to relaunch as the CPA

PAT (Parents Activity Team) was created by the founding parents of the school and since the school is confidently growing, our Headmaster, Robert Teague, feels the time is right to relaunch as The Cedars School Parents’ Association, also referred to as CPA. We are an inclusive community of supportive parents who passionately believe in our boys’ journey in the school. Our members offer their time to create social and fundraising events, that not only benefits the boys, but also all parents at, and friends of, the school. Our aim is to create an environment for families to come together, get to know each other and nurture new relationships.


CPA organise a number of events throughout the year, to raise funds for the school. These funds assist in providing additional benefits for our boys.

To date, we have raised funds towards:

  • Our new Oratory
  • Our new goal posts
  • Our new library
  • Sports equipments including Scrum Machine
  • School gazebo

Our Aim

To build on the ethos of the school by nurturing a community spirit, with fundraising being an additional bonus.

How to get involved

So you’re interested in getting involved in CPA? Great, we’d love to have you!

Please send an email to us at members@tcs-pa.org.uk to express your interest, whether it be a few hours a month or a donation, it’s all welcome and we’re grateful. Please let us know your key skills and strengths – for example, one of our members who is a web designer and professional photographer has created this website.